About Workers City

Under the guidelines of ZonesCorp, our Workers Cities provide high quality accommodation for industrial & economic activities workers and construction workers which have been built as per international specifications compliant with the standards of both the United Nations and Human Rights. Our two major high quality labour camps in Mafraq have been built as per the best standards. We provide safe & decent housing to ensure the comfort and welfare of residents with all facilities around. Located at a very convenient location in Mafraq, with the capacity to house over 14,000 workers. Our labour accommodation camps offer a full range of facilities that result in a productive workforce, and aim to develop a positive outlook through our numerous recreational activities, full-services and joyous environment of our worker accommodation.

Taj Resorts labour camps are certified and approved by ZonesCorp. Our staff accommodation is also 100% compliant with General Standards for group labour accommodation and related services in the UAE. Located at a very convenient location in Mafraq, with the capacity to house over 14,000 workers. In Our two major high quality labour camps we provide safe & decent housing with all facilities around to ensure the comfort and welfare of our Residents. Our labour accommodation camps offer a full range of facilities and aim to develop a positive outlook through our numerous recreational activities, full-services and joyous environment.

Taj Resorts provide welcoming inclusive living communities.

  • Mission

    We are a part of dynamic multi-disciplined business group, we strive to provide the highest integrity service stands to our clients and ensuring career opportunities to our employees

  • Vision

    Our vision is to be leaders in our diverse businesses, in areas where we operate

  • Value

    Our employees are our assets Team Work Integrity Professionalism Customer Services Transparency Health and safety environment

Our Services

Facilities Management

Taj Resorts became a leading brand in UAE, for providing customer service on all facility-related issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Controlling and maintaining campus environment, Managing safety and Security, Statutory, renovation, repairs and preventive maintenance related to campus.

The department consists of several offices with 100+ dedicated, skilled, professional employees trained in every trade required for the maintenance, repair, and renovation of campus facilities. Services offered range from grounds maintenance to events support and defensive services to heating, ventilation etc.

24/7 Help Desk Support

Performing all check-in and check-outs tasks by verifying their IDs, Informing tenants about rooms and related facilities and available 24/7 to supports them when required. Ultimately, Help Desk will help to create a pleasant and memorable stay for our tenants.

24/7 Security

our security guards are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms and skill. They also undergo a complete and thorough fitness check. the security officers ensure their ability to mobilize buildings and reception areas,Their training incorporates hypothetical and practical work that focuses on customer service, public relations, surveillance techniques, fire, health and safety.

Nationality wise Catering

The food served is prepared in high quality standards kitchens approved and supervised by Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority (ADFCA). The food served across menus gives attention to the proteins and nutrition requirements of the residents. The residents can also request for take away parcels at a minimal cost.

House Keeping Services

House Keeping Services goes around the clock to ensure that the city is clear from all types of waste and that hygiene is maintained.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance Services for such a large city is done by a fully equipped dedicated on site team of specialized technicians.

Recreation Services

Recreation Services to keep the residents engaged in social activities. This includes screening of movies, provision of indoor games and gym facility. We also organize regular events within the city.

Laundry Services

Laundry Services delivering a high quality Washing and Pressing of uniforms

Pest control Services

Pest control Services to ensure pest free rooms, corridors and common areas.

Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Clinic to support client

Safety & Security

Safety first is our one of the Most valuable consideration towards protection of our tenants and employees, every Building of our premises has Fire alarm system with smoke detectors in every room, furthermore the installed fire alarm system is connected to Hassantuk Fire alarm receiving center of the UAE the alarm is automatically reported to the emergency services within seconds providing them with situational intelligence supporting their Gold, Silver, or Bronze levels of command making their response more effective and our cities smarter and safer.cy

This is the biggest and most recognized benefit added to our city. A camera system provides our tenants with an increased sense of security and reassurance, particularly in common gathering areas. to identity the type of gathering our city is deployed with CCTV system as per the Monitoring and control Center of Abu Dhabi specification, which meets the total requirement of security with Surveillance.

Call Center Service

Call center Service thrives to be the most important one. our every customer interaction tends to affect the business tangible or intangible. TAJ RESORTS call center provides professional training to its employees in customer service skills and help them to thrive for success in the market.

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